London Health Sciences Cancer Care Campaign

40 Million Fund to Raise for London Health Sciences Cancer Care Campaign.

By Azam Abu-Saud


I would like to announce that I proudly accept the challenge of being a member of Cancer Campaign Cabinet Volunteer Leadership with London Health Sciences Foundation for a period of 3 Years.

The key roles of my duties to assist in raising an additional $18 Million to the other $22 Million raised to achieve total funds $40 Million. I will work strategically with key physician leaders to execute campaign strategies.

I am asking any of my friends, associates and clients who are interesting in supporting my responsibilities and interested in any kind of help to raise the funds needed to contact me and may join me on June 23, 2015 at Four Points Sheraton to view a presentation and learn about Cancer Program. Yesterday in my 2 tours to the London Health Sciences Centre. I learned how badly the program needs support.

The image of the Machine above RapidArc radiotherapy cost $4 Million.

Tel. (519) 432-8700

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