Volunteer Leaders Generously Support Cancer Care

Cancer Photo
Cancer Care Campain Cabinet includes (from left): Darlene TenHaaf, Azam Abu-Saud, Gabriella Catolino (LHSF), Pam Taylor (LHSF), Joe Carr, Joan Carr, Keith Samitt, Louise Caicco, Dr.David Palma, Carol Weeekes Schacter, Dr.Stephen Welch, Kelly Tranquilli  (co- chair), Kirk Baines (co-chair), Twee Brown, Dr.Glenn Bauman, Tom Burnett and Dr. Gordon Schacter. Cabinet members not pictured include: Dr.Joseph Chin, Dr. Kylea Potvin, Richard and Susanne Shaftoe, Leanna Teston, Dr. Ted Vandenberg, Aaron Ward, PhD and Dr. John Yoo

A group of dedicated volunteers (physicians, researchers The goal for the Cancer Care Campaign is to raise and community leaders) is spearheading the Cancer Care $40 million for patient care, research, equipment and education Campaign – and each and every one of them has made a at LRCP. The team of volunteers was created to mobilize the personal philanthropic gift in support of the campaign and community in this important cause, helping Londoners work the cancer patients and families we serve. Combined, their together to advance care for cancer patients and their families contributions to our Foundation total almost $2.4 million! Thank you to these amazing individuals!

Cancer Care Campaign: Key Priorities

With the support of philanthropists like you, our Hospital will transform treatment and care for cancer patients in London and Southwestern Ontario. Our fundraising priorities include:

Renovating the Fight against Cancer – The LRCP facility is becoming extremely overcrowded. Through a large-scale renovation, our specialists will be able to serve cancer patients and their families in a modern and welcoming space. You’ll arrive at LRCP and make your way through an efficient registration area. You’ll await your appointment in a comfortable sub-waiting room, and will have personal discussions with your physician in a private area. And you’ll receive chemotherapy in a spacious environment with your loved one by your side.

Translational Cancer Research –Setting the stage for busy cancer clinicians and their scientist colleagues to connect, exchange ideas and discuss new possibilities allows exciting research to take root for cancer patients and their families. Our Hospital engages in world-leading research to help detect and prevent metastasis, find new ways of treating cancer in a highly personalized way, create new methods to detect and treat the disease through novel imaging techniques, and offer innovative clinical trials of new cancer therapies.


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