Local Foundation Commits To Matching Up To $1.5-Million For Cancer Research

The Gerald C. Baines Foundation is urging Londoners to match the $1.5-million it is committing to help expand a local cancer research centre.

The foundation announced the funding commitment Tuesday, in hopes of generating a total of $3-million to expand the Gerald C. Baines Centre for Translational Cancer Research, which is part of the Lawson Victoria Research Laboratory.

Dr. David Palma tells AM980 the centre is unique in that it has physicians and researchers working together and sharing ideas.

“What they’ve tried to do is break down those barriers by locating everybody together so you can’t help but work together all the time. We get this cross-pollination of ideas. When the Baines family came forward with an idea of another donation, of course we were extremely ecstatic!”

Dr. Palma is a Radiation Oncologist and Clinician Scientist who has firsthand knowledge of the success of the Baines Centre for Translational Cancer Research. In partnership with imaging scientist Dr. Aaron Ward in 2011, they used $15,000 in seed funding to establish a new research program aimed at developing imaging technology to help better determine the best option for treating lung cancer patients. The success of the initial results led to additional funding of $1-million through other funding agencies.

Local Foundation Commits To Matching Up To $1.5-Million For Cancer Research

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