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Franklin Quotential


Portfolio Managers: Stephen Lingard and Michael Greenberg

Quotential Balanced Growth Portfolio

Quotential Growth Portfolio

Quotential Diversified Equity Portfolio

US Equity

US Opportunities Fund

Bowers, GrantAraghi, Sara

Portfolio Managers: Grant Bowers and Sara Araghi


US Core Equity Fund

Loder, Brent  Anderson, Chris (Darrell)

Portfolio Managers: Brent Loder and Chris Anderson

US Rising Dividends Fund


Portfolio Managers: Donald Taylor, Nicholas Getaz and Bruce Baughman


Bissett US Focus Corporate Class


Portfolio Managers: Garey J. Aitken and Jason Hornett

Global Balanced

US Monthly Income Fund

Portfolio Managers: Edward D. Perks, Matt Quinlan and Alex W. Peters

Global and International Equity

Franklin Global Growth Corporate Class

Portfolio Manager: Don Huber

Mutual Global Discovery Fund


Portfolio Managers: Philippe Brugère-Trélat, Peter Langerman and Tim Rankin